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Training for Belonging
In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Justin and Nathan Beene are transforming conflicts into opportunities for success that give rich and poor alike a common place to belong.

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A new grandmother reflects on her embattled relationship with her alcoholic father, and on her older brother's determination to cultivate a peace that passed understanding.

Building Peace In The Eye Of The Storm

Despite climate and social chaos, a failing environment and fading institutions, creative peacebuilders around the world beckon us away from old solutions. They call us to nonviolent paths with deep roots across cultures, religions, and worldviews.

Unfortunately, their efforts go unnoticed because we think of conflict as a clash of differences. We identify people as good, bad, or even expendable. Doing so, we deepen rather than heal our divides. The effect on peacebuilders can be isolating and exhausting.

UnRival exists to overcome the loneliness and fatigue that inhibits innovation in nonviolent peacebuilding. We give our partners a collaborative environment where they can refresh themselves and grow their leadership. Together, we are forming a new and creative peacebuilding community in the eye of a growing storm.

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The Frame is a regularly dispatched communique from the unRival team, crafted to inform and encourage you about ongoing justpeace efforts.

We curate the most urgent and incisive stories, news, and insights, and pack them into an easy-to-digest format. In The Frame, you’ll hear directly from thought-leaders, journalists, our team, and, most importantly, from our growing global network of peacebuilders.