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A new grandmother reflects on her embattled relationship with her alcoholic father, and on her older brother's determination to cultivate a peace that passed understanding.

Hope in the Heart of Conflict

Gathering An Ever-Expanding Community

unRival gathers leaders of peacebuilding and nonviolent efforts to inspire hope, renewal, belonging, and collaboration.

Seeking A Beautiful Life for All

Different cultures, religions, and worldviews have laid deep, resilient roots with nonviolent forms of life. Like planting trees whose shade we may never enjoy, we work for the thriving of all people.

Deconstructing A Profound Faith in Violence

Our world believes security depends on threats of violence. But violence cannot create a just or peaceful culture. Only a nonviolent environment is truly safe for everyone.

Sustaining Artisans of Peace

We invest in those who listen well, who reflect honestly on complex conflicts, and who persist in hope despite adversity, regardless of their accolades or immediate successes.

Justpeace is a dynamic and imaginative act of community. It is built through mutual trust, protection, lamentation, joy, and play. We can only create it together.

The Frame

The Frame is a regularly dispatched communique from the unRival team, crafted to inform and encourage you about ongoing justpeace efforts.

We curate the most urgent and incisive stories, news, and insights, and pack them into an easy-to-digest format. In The Frame, you’ll hear directly from thought-leaders, journalists, our team, and, most importantly, from our growing global network of peacebuilders.