Peace is possible.

Together, we’re resisting rivalry to advance the cause of justice and peace in our time.

We see a world where all people flourish without fear of violence.

UnRival accompanies peacebuilders to nurture hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalries in a nonviolent struggle for justpeace.

Peace is Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks to Positive Peace

UnRival Network’s Peace is Possible is the culmination of three years of research and collaboration with leaders in peacebuilding around the globe.


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UnRival Network is an ever-expanding community of regular people who are seeking ever-better ways of being together. We do this by…

Gathering Community

We accompany one another through shared experiences and partnerships that renew hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalry.

Deconstructing Rivalry

Even bitter conflicts can give way to friendships when we gather in spaces that invite trust, vulnerability, and curiosity.

Inspiring Collaboration

Stale and even harmful patterns are broken when people from diverse cultures, religions, and worldviews work together.

Sustaining Peacebuilders

The path to lasting peace isn’t linear. To remain human in increasingly violent times, we must nurture and accompany one another for the longhaul.
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Stories of Transformation

My Brother, My Keeper
A new grandmother reflects on her embattled relationship with her alcoholic father, and on her older brother's determination to cultivate a peace that passed understanding.
The Struggle of Beauty
It is Joel Aguilar's fervent hope that a nonviolent "human catechism" might transform the streets of Guatemala City--because, as he says, "beauty deserves to live here".