Street-Knowing: An Interview with Jude Nnorom
When confronted with unjust urban conditions in South Africa, Jude Nnorom answers with the most powerful tools he knows: a humble faith, and the stories of people he's met on Tshwane's streets.
Walking with Onics
From our friends at Street Psalms: Onics Bukenya models the dignity and wholeheartedness that shape a creative peacebuilder.​
Interview: Dong Jin Kim
The first thing I noticed about Dong Jin Kim was his smile. It’s a generous smile, and quiet. He doesn’t look like a person formed by one of the most dangerous places on earth...
Why do we call them “Artisans of Peace”?
“Creative peacebuilders” sometimes sounds like a contradiction. If we imagine peacebuilders doing dangerous and grueling work, we imagine artists differently: a painter, safe in a studio, studying a canvas and waiting for inspiration. So why call those committed to justice and peace "artisans?"
On The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Our Chief Operating Officer, Jason Ferenczi, has spent extensive time in both Ukraine and Russia. Here, he speaks for himself and the unRival Network Team as he reflects on the current state of war.