The Artisans of Peace Program

We believe in the contagious power of creative nonviolence to heal communities wherever it spreads.

unRival Network accompanies those working in the heart of conflict to nurture hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalries. 

Artisans of Peace (AoP) is a leadership development program for these grassroots peacebuilders. In AoP, they find community, share the challenges of their work, and find their own desires for peace and justice reflected back to them.

This leads to renewed hope, deepened resilience, and strengthened relationships. Participants who once felt stuck return to their communities equipped to engage and innovate. 

I’ve always felt safe in the space you’ve created, to show up exactly as I am, and to share shamelessly.

Photos from the 2023 Artisans of Peace gathering in Montreat, North Carolina.

Accompany Peacebuilders With Us

Even the most creative peacebuilders are not immune to fear, destructive rivalry, and feelings of isolation. To accompany more peacebuilders in nonrivalrous spaces, we need your help.

Please Donate

Every donation makes a difference! Consider making a one-time or monthly contribution.


Does the Artisans of Peace Program resonate with you? Please reach out to explore how you can join.

Dive Deeper

To learn more about the AoP program design, access our resource “A Learning Journey about Accompaniment.”