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A Nonrivalrous Space to Breathe, Process, Learn, and Grow Together


Artisans of Peace is a leadership development program for grassroots peacebuilders.

In Artisans of Peace (AoP), you’ll find community, share the challenges of your work, and find your own desires for peace and justice reflected back to you.

This leads to renewed hope, deepened resilience, and strengthened relationships. Participants who once felt stuck return to their communities equipped to engage and innovate.

Cultivate the contagious power of creative nonviolence.

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that combines creativity, trust, and hope.

The cornerstone of the program is human-centered design: space for the whole person: body and feelings, mind and knowledge. It intentionally focuses on story, experiences, and a person’s web of relationships. While skills and accomplishments are recognized, the focus is far more on who are you than on what you do.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The Artisans of Peace program is a shared journey through our AoP framework, conducted over a series of collaborative modules both online and in-person.

yourself in an unforgettable experience that will ignite your passion and expand your artistic horizons.

with a diverse, trans-local group of peers as you build a supportive community of peace advocates.


your inner artisan of peace by exploring ideas, stories, and practices that tap the boundless potential of peaceful expression.

Our Framework

Nonrivalrous Space

We practice an intentionally non-performative way of gathering that focuses more on who someone is rather than what they have accomplished.


We deepen our understanding of what drove our original commitments to peace and justice, and clarify how those longings show up in our lives today.


Rivalry arises from insecurity, especially insecure identities. Rivalry often presents as the belief that others are inherently different, have things figured out more than we do, or are getting things we deserve.


We step outside the usual ways of problem-solving, to open new paths forward. We understand creativity to be the permission to try something new and to see a problem from a surprising angle or in a different light.


We are interdependent and interconnected. How can we model to one another ways of being that allow all to flourish freely?

The Learning Journey

To learn more about the AoP program design, access our resource “A Learning Journey about Accompaniment.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Artisans of Peace program.

If you are asking the question of how you can better contribute to lasting peace and justice in your community, you probably fit! The program is designed to be especially useful to those who are at a crossroads or point of discernment in their journey.

It was designed to respond to feelings of isolation, ‘stuckness,’ and burnout that we heard in our research conversations with peacebuilders. It is meant to be an opportunity for connection, renewal, and growth.

The primary goals of this program are:
  1. To come together in nonrivalrous community for mutual accompaniment, curiosity, and exploration
  2. To explore together and clarify our desires for peace
  3. To understand how rivalry undermines our desires
  4. To develop creative strategies in community to recognize and disrupt rivalry

AoP’s 2024 Cohort will meet from January-August 2024 with a rhythm of virtual meetings every 3 weeks.

Most of the program will take place virtually. The program will include a five-day retreat in late May or early June 2024, likely somewhere in the eastern USA.

Each cohort is led by two facilitators and one observer, all of whom see themselves as full participants in the program. Facilitators are not subjects delivering solutions to pliable participant objects; they are co-learners charged with shepherding the group in an act of co-creation.

When the program was launched in 2022, all unRival staff members were involved participants A robust evaluation and design process was led by Program Director Jason Fereczi and Program Consultant Joel Aguilar.

2024 Facilitators/Observers

Jason Ferenczi, Grand Rapids, USA
Billy Price, Nashville, USA
Bonface Beti, Nairobi, Kenya


unRival is committed to not allowing cost to be a barrier. As part of the admissions process, we will discuss with each candidate what they or their employer can bring to the program.
Check out our summary of the first cohort or simply reach out to Jason at jason@unrival.network or +1-616-808-7557 (text or WhatsApp).

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More about Artisans of Peace

Photo credit: Elena Mozhvilo
At a time when there are such urgent needs, why does unRival focus our energy on creating nonrivalrous space for leaders? In an increasingly violent world, Jason Ferenczi explores how to support grassroots peacebuilders in the ways they need the most.
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Suzanne Ross delves into the profound connection between people and their natural surroundings. Through a transformative experience with the Artisans of Peace, she collaborates on a unique piece of art and poetry, learning to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between a community and its volcano, and challenging her initial perceptions.

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Are you interested in participating in our next Artisans of Peace Cohort? Share your email for more information.