Author Guidelines

UnRival facilitates learning through lived experiences, showing that nonviolent approaches work. We share and curate encouraging stories for those who are building the lasting infrastructures of peaceful communities. These stories might reflect the efforts of on-the-ground peacemakers, insights gleaned through analyzing historical or current events, or thoughts on the present and futures of nonviolent resistance. We seek to inspire our audience through the details of material life, more so than through intellectual brilliance.

Our audience comprises both theoreticians and practitioners of nonviolence. Our content connects with people on the front lines of peacemaking and makes them feel seen, heard, and attended to. We are looking for insightful interventions into oppositional situations, commentary on issues of violence and nonviolence, and creative strategic approaches to nonviolent practice.

Articles should be 1500 to 2500 words long; shorter articles should clearly address specific problems experienced in the practice of nonviolence. We offer a $150 USD honorarium following the publication of pieces over 1500 words, and $75 USD for shorter pieces.

What We Want: We want to showcase the voices of people actively engaging in nonviolent and peacemaking efforts. Commentaries on violence and rivalry should emphasize story over theory, using the former as vehicle for the latter. Keep in mind that we aim to inspire action and/or reflection in our readership.

While the work of Rene Girard serves as our theoretical rudder, we want to showcase a variety of perspectives and interpretations and will not automatically privilege writing based in Girard’s work. Writers already familiar with Rene Girard and mimetic theory should endeavor to offer practical insights into mimesis and scapegoating, introducing and promoting mimetic theory without relying on Girardian or academic language. Articles should exhibit a tone of concern, curiosity, patience, and support.

What We Don’t Want: Content is probably not a good fit for unRival if:

  • It centers only on Rene Girard or mimetic theory
  • It is excessively academic or intellectual in tone and vocabulary
  • It focuses on proving something or convincing a reader rather than posing questions and exploring issues alongside our readership
  • It is attempting to have the “last word” on an issue, or does not invite further conversation
  • It sits too firmly within a conservative, liberal, or progressive agenda, or within any single faith tradition or set of commitments (e.g., It argues that one must be a conservative / leftist / Christian / Buddhist / atheist to apply these insights effectively)

Please send all submissions in .doc, .docx, or Google Doc format to, along with a brief author bio. Should we choose to move forward with your submission, we will invite you to collaborate with one of our editors as we prepare your piece for publication.