UnRival Your Perspective: Navigating News, Partisanship, & Your Peace of Mind

A woman in brown coat reads a newspaper.

Navigating news, partisanship, and politics can be confusing, frustrating, and polarizing–but it doesn’t always have to be. In this guide, learn how to slow down, break through the noise, and unrival your approach to consuming media with four simple practices.

Shimmers of Light in the Dark: An Interview with Andy Peterson

A film projector lights up the darkness. Photo credit: Jeremy Yap

In this interview, unRival’s Research Director Lyle Enright talks with Andy Peterson about the often unjust landscape facing filmmakers who want to tell stories about peace and justice. Andy passionately creates and advocates for new ways of sustaining documentary filmmakers, so they can continue drawing hearts and minds towards a deeper vision of belonging.

Play, Peacebuilding, and “The Quiet Year”

"The Quiet Year," a storytelling game designed by Avery Adler.

Through playing the storytelling game “The Quiet Year” with peacebuilders at the Artisans of Peace retreat, Lyle Enright discovered the importance of creativity, strategy, and play in peacebuilding.

Disarmed by Insight: COV&R 2023 and the Lasting Influence of Mimetic Theory on Peacebuilding

Lyle Enright reflects on his experience at the 2023 COV&R Conference in Paris, commemorating René Girard’s 100th anniversary of birth. When theory meets action, we can see meaningful change in the world.

Four Names for Peace

The world is full of beautiful visions of the peace humanity strives for. Here are just a few visions of peace from the creative peacebuilders we know.

The Harsh, Yet Inspiring Truth of Creative Peacebuilding

UnRival spent the past year interviewing people working to transform conflicts around the world. This is what we learned.

Peace Has Many Names: An Interview With Vera Grabe

Colombian peacebuilder Vera Grabe tells us about her journey from war to peace, and about the courageous leader who inspires her to this day.

Where Has the Humanitarian World Left South Sudan?

Guest writer Tiffany Easthom addresses an issue close to our hearts: unrivaling nonprofit and philanthropic models to better serve peacebuilders.

Vera Grabe: From Guerrilla to Peacebuilder

How a former Colombian freedom fighter laid aside her arms and embraced peace as a path to our deepest desires.

Discovering unRivalrous Academic Space: The 2022 COV&R Conference in Bogotá

Focusing on personal relationships and experiences can make academic gatherings exciting, inspiring, and nonrivalrous.