Chasing Totality, Finding Wonder in the Moment

Composite image of the eclipse phases. Photo credit: Abed Ismail

Suzanne Ross recounts experiencing the solar eclipse in Austin, Texas, and reflects on the power of staying present in the moment.

Hold onto Hope: A Message from unRival Network Co-Founder, Suzanne Ross

A white candle burns against a green linen background.

Reflecting on unRival Network’s impact in 2023 and looking forward to the future, Suzanne Ross extends an invitation: in the midst of darkness, peace is possible when we hold on to hope together.

Moving with the Mountain

A collaborative art project created by Suzanne Ross and Iván Camilo Vargas at the Artisans of Peace gathering in Montreat, NC. The poem reads: Fear and beauty erupt as one. Ash merges with the land, Becomes better fruit. People move with the mountain. El miedo y la belleza estallan juntos. La ceniza se funde con la tiera, Se convierte en un mejor fruito. La gente se mueve con la montaña.

Suzanne Ross delves into the profound connection between people and their natural surroundings. Through a transformative experience with the Artisans of Peace, she collaborates on a unique piece of art and poetry, learning to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between a community and its volcano, and challenging her initial perceptions.

A Letter from unRival Co-Founder Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross learned wars are fought for many reasons that mean little to the people caught in the crossfire. Peace accords may happen at the national and international level, but peace must be built from the ground up.

This is Your “Mind” On Rivalry

Suzanne Ross takes a villain’s vantage, using one of her grandchildren’s favorite animated films to reflect on the US’s political deadlock.