Nurturing Hope in Nonviolent Peacebuilding

Hope is a powerful force. When faced with violence and conflict, we struggle to sustain hope. But despite the challenges, there are many reasons to have hope that the efforts of global peacebuilders will effectively reduce violence in our lifetimes.

What is Peace? Defining Creative Peacebuilding

Peacebuilding is not just about ending violence; it’s about creating the foundations that make societies resilient in the face of conflict.

The unRival Film Premiere Event

Two short films celebrating creative peacebuilders, and a panel about the need for hope and artistry to live in violent times.

UnRival Network: What’s In A Name?

Why are we called “unRival”? Get to know the meaning behind our name, why we talk so much about rivalry, and why it can be something positively harnessed rather than avoided.

Artisans of Peace: An Interview with Jason Ferenczi

In this interview with lead facilitator Jason Ferenczi, we get to know more about the hopes, fears, inspirations and intentions that helped him design the Artisans of Peace program.

The Artisans of Peace Program

The Artisans of Peace Program creates space for peacebuilders to gather in an environment of trust and creativity that nurtures hope, sparks concrete collaboration, and creates relationships that build resilience and protect against destructive rivalry.

Burnout: The Holes in My Teeth and Soul

Andrew DeCort

Andrew DeCort dives into the struggle with burnout and discusses embracing one’s own liabilities and limits.

Training for Belonging

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Justin and Nathan Beene are transforming conflicts into opportunities for success that give rich and poor alike a common place to belong.

Street-Knowing: An Interview with Jude Nnorom

When confronted with unjust urban conditions in South Africa, Jude Nnorom answers with the most powerful tools he knows: a humble faith, and the stories of people he’s met on Tshwane’s streets.

Walking with Onics

From our friends at Street Psalms: Onics Bukenya models the dignity and wholeheartedness that shape a creative peacebuilder.​