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The Harsh, Yet Inspiring Truth of Creative Peacebuilding

UnRival spent the past year interviewing people working to transform conflicts around the world. This is what we learned.

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A Letter from unRival Co-Founder Suzanne Ross
Suzanne Ross learned wars are fought for many reasons that mean little to the people caught in the crossfire. Peace accords may happen at the national and international level, but peace must be built from the ground up.
Nurturing Hope in Nonviolent Peacebuilding
Hope is a powerful force. When faced with violence and conflict, we struggle to sustain hope. But despite the challenges, there are many reasons to have hope that the efforts of global peacebuilders will effectively reduce violence in our lifetimes.
What is Peace? Defining Creative Peacebuilding
Peacebuilding is not just about ending violence; it’s about creating the foundations that make societies resilient in the face of conflict.
Four Names for Peace
The world is full of beautiful visions of the peace humanity strives for. Here are just a few visions of peace from the creative peacebuilders we know.
The unRival Film Premiere Event
Two short films celebrating creative peacebuilders, and a panel about the need for hope and artistry to live in violent times.