Peace is Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks to Positive Peace

Our free downloadable resource, “Peace is Possible,” summarizes years of research into the state of peacebuilding. It makes the case that community leaders have an ...
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A film projector lights up the darkness. Photo credit: Jeremy Yap

Shimmers of Light in the Dark: An Interview with Andy Peterson

In this interview, unRival’s Research Director Lyle Enright talks with Andy Peterson about the often unjust landscape facing filmmakers who want to tell stories about ...
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"The Quiet Year," a storytelling game designed by Avery Adler.
Artisans of Peace program

Play, Peacebuilding, and “The Quiet Year”

Through playing the storytelling game “The Quiet Year” with peacebuilders at the Artisans of Peace retreat, Lyle Enright discovered the importance of creativity, strategy, and ...
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A collaborative art project created by Suzanne Ross and Iván Camilo Vargas at the Artisans of Peace gathering in Montreat, NC. The poem reads: Fear and beauty erupt as one. Ash merges with the land, Becomes better fruit. People move with the mountain. El miedo y la belleza estallan juntos. La ceniza se funde con la tiera, Se convierte en un mejor fruito. La gente se mueve con la montaña.

Moving with the Mountain

Suzanne Ross delves into the profound connection between people and their natural surroundings. Through a transformative experience with the Artisans of Peace, she collaborates on ...
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Colloquium on Violence and Religion

Disarmed by Insight: COV&R 2023 and the Lasting Influence of Mimetic Theory on Peacebuilding

Lyle Enright reflects on his experience at the 2023 COV&R Conference in Paris, commemorating René Girard's 100th anniversary of birth. When theory meets action, we ...
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The 2023 JustPeace Film Lab

In early 2023, unRival Network partnered with Justice Film Festival to host the first-ever JustPeace FilmLab in New York City, a nonrivalrous learning space to ...
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A Journey of Faith and Struggle

As asylum seekers and migrants from Central America continue crossing through Mexico to enter the United States, unRival sits down to interview Producer Julie Mirlicourtois ...
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Deconstructing Rivalry

A Letter from unRival Co-Founder Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross learned wars are fought for many reasons that mean little to the people caught in the crossfire. Peace accords may happen at the ...
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Julijana Tesija, photographed by Antun Balog at sunset in Osijek, Croatia near the Drava River.
Deconstructing Rivalry

The Promises of Open Wounds

“These stories are tiny but amazing,” Julijana says. “They radiate potential. But it all starts by recognizing the wounds of the other, by not being ...
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Joel Aguilar photographed with a view overlooking Guatemala City.
Deconstructing Rivalry

The Struggle of Beauty

It is Joel Aguilar's fervent hope that a nonviolent "human catechism" might transform the streets of Guatemala City--because, as he says, "beauty deserves to live ...
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