The 2024 Justice Film Festival and The Film Lab Filmmaker Cafe

Billy Price reflects on the 2024 Justice Film Festival, The Film Lab Filmmaker Cafe, and the importance of fostering nonrivalrous spaces for filmmakers.
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The poster of the documentary "Join or Die"
Deconstructing Rivalry

The 2024 unRival Award Winner: “Join or Die”

We are pleased to announce the recipient of the first-ever unRival Award, "Join or Die"!​ The unRival Award is given annually at the Justice Film ...
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A group of people put their hands together.
Artisans of Peace program

We Need Not Be a Hero: Lessons from Artisans of Peace

Reflecting on a recent Artisans of Peace gathering, Jason Ferenczi questions the hero narrative and discovers strength in interdependence.
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An audience in a movie theater.

Activism, Storytelling, and Burnout: A Conversation with Gareth Higgins

In this interview, Lyle Enright and Gareth Higgins discuss impactful storytelling, the myth of redemptive violence, burnout in peacebuilding, and how the intensity of our ...
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A white candle burns against a green linen background.
Artisans of Peace

Hold onto Hope: A Message from unRival Network Co-Founder, Suzanne Ross

Reflecting on unRival Network’s impact in 2023 and looking forward to the future, Suzanne Ross extends an invitation: in the midst of darkness, peace is ...
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Watercolor painting of the planet earth on a dark blue background.
Artisans of Peace program

Why We Need Nonrivalrous Space Now More Than Ever

At a time when there are such urgent needs, why does unRival focus our energy on creating nonrivalrous space for leaders? In an increasingly violent ...
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Peace is Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks to Positive Peace

Our free downloadable resource, “Peace is Possible,” summarizes years of research into the state of peacebuilding. It makes the case that community leaders have an ...
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A film projector lights up the darkness. Photo credit: Jeremy Yap

Shimmers of Light in the Dark: An Interview with Andy Peterson

In this interview, unRival’s Research Director Lyle Enright talks with Andy Peterson about the often unjust landscape facing filmmakers who want to tell stories about ...
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"The Quiet Year," a storytelling game designed by Avery Adler.
Artisans of Peace program

Play, Peacebuilding, and “The Quiet Year”

Through playing the storytelling game “The Quiet Year” with peacebuilders at the Artisans of Peace retreat, Lyle Enright discovered the importance of creativity, strategy, and ...
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A Journey of Faith and Struggle

As asylum seekers and migrants from Central America continue crossing through Mexico to enter the United States, unRival sits down to interview Producer Julie Mirlicourtois ...
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