Hope in the Heart of Conflict

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UnRival accompanies peacebuilders to nurture hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalries.

These are divided and difficult times when peacebuilders from diverse cultures, religions, and worldviews desperately need spaces of trust, curiosity, and collaboration.

Gathering Community

unRival Network is an ever-expanding community of peacebuilders. We accompany one another through shared experiences and partnerships that renew hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalry.

Deconstructing Rivalry

No community is free of rivalry, unRival Network included. Instead of denying our conflicts and desires, we engage honestly in spaces created to invite trust, vulnerability, and curiosity. Spaces where even bitter conflicts can give way to friendship and belonging.

Inspiring Collaboration

Forming friendships instead of enemies and rivals reveals otherwise unimaginable opportunities. Pursuing these unexpected paths with collaborators from diverse cultures, religions, and worldviews opens the possibility of transformation, hope, and flourishing for all people.


of Peace

Even the most creative and courageous peacebuilders are not immune to fear, destructive rivalry, and discouragement. To remain human in increasingly violent times, we desperately need spaces that renew hope and inspire collaboration.
unRival Stories

Stories of Hope

On The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Our Chief Operating Officer, Jason Ferenczi, has spent extensive time in both Ukraine and Russia. Here, he speaks for himself and the unRival Network Team as he reflects on the current state of war.
The Struggle of Beauty
It is Joel Aguilar's fervent hope that a nonviolent "human catechism" might transform the streets of Guatemala City--because, as he says, "beauty deserves to live here".

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