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For Filmmakers to Grow, Create, and Share in Nonrivalrous Community

Billy Price presents Director Rebecca Davis with the 2024 unRival Award for "Join or Die."
Photo credit: Lucy Martin
Billy Price presents Director Rebecca Davis with the 2024 unRival Award for "Join or Die."

Fall Program

This 8-week Fall Program is designed to support and connect filmmakers who are actively at work on a project. By bringing pitch decks, scripts, treatments, or rough cuts to one another and to professional mentors in a nonrivalrous space, participants receive deep and meaningful feedback and encouragement and leave with a renewed sense of their capacity to complete the project with excellence and effectiveness.

Each filmmaker commits to joining 8 weekly, 2hr group sessions engaging in one another’s projects and 1 60-minute one-on-one mentoring session.

The next Fall Program will take place virtually in the Fall of 2024. Filmmakers everywhere are encouraged to apply. 

Applications are open. Request more information here.

Program Mentors

Cultivate the contagious power of creativity in diverse, nonrivalrous community.

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that combines creativity, trust, and hope.

The cornerstone of the program is human-centered design: space for the whole person: body and feelings, mind and knowledge. It intentionally focuses on story, experiences, and a person’s web of relationships. While skills and accomplishments are recognized, the focus is far more on who are you than on what you do.

Unlock Your Creative Potential

The Film Lab's Fall Program fosters the upcoming generation of justice filmmakers and their creative journey of crafting unique and profound transformative stories.

yourself in an unforgettable experience that will ignite your passion and expand your artistic horizons.

with a diverse, trans-local group of peers as you build a supportive community of filmmakers.


your unique voice for justice and peace by exploring ideas, stories, and practices that tap the boundless potential of peaceful expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

unRival is committed to preventing cost from being a barrier. The 2024 Fall virtual program will be free for all participants.

If you are asking the question: how you can better contribute to lasting peace and justice as a filmmaker, you probably fit! The program is designed to be especially useful to those who are currently working out a story—in treatment form or in post-production— or who are at a crossroads or in their career.

It was designed to respond to feelings of isolation, ‘stuckness,’ and burnout that we heard in our research conversations with peacebuilders and artists. It is meant to be an opportunity for connection, renewal, and growth.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a space to collaboration, share, and be curious with diverse and different others, we believe that you will find that here.

The Film Lab’s next Cohort will meet virtually from from Sept-Oct 2024 (scheduling subject to change to best suit the group.)

Justice Film Festival is scheduled for February 2025 in NYC with various venues including FIT’s Katie Murphy Amphitheater in Chelsea and DCTV’s Firehouse in Chinatown.

There will be several mentors involved on a week-by-week basis. The program will be facilitated by unRival’s Creative Director and Programs Co-Director, Film Lab Founder Billy Price.

A multidisciplinary creative, Billy’s longing for a more just and peaceful world led him to exercise his talents through advocacy and relief work for refugees and asylum seekers.

His efforts were instrumental in the formation of a robust aid program in Juarez, MX— providing food, sustainable energy, and education to vulnerable migrant families. Other professional endeavors have involved collaborations with Grammy-winning bands, non-profits, startups, and healthcare companies, as well as his personal projects as a screenwriter, actor, and director (credited in film as William Price, III).

Friendship has provided a fertile ground for creative endeavors throughout Billy’s career.  Many of his proudest professional accomplishments, from building an iPhone app to producing and directing film work, have been collaborative efforts with cherished friends he would just as readily spend a celebratory Sunday afternoon with.

Billy’s commitment to creativity in the context of bondedness bears itself out in his approach to the Film Lab, a collaboration with Justice Film Festival where participants celebrate the power of transformative, nonviolent storytelling together. His vision for the film labs is to cultivate a community of filmmakers dedicated to justice and peace and innervate uprising of films from diverse and mutually empowering voices.

During this program, you can expect your project to make great strides towards fundability, clarity, and impact while also developing your unique and valuable perspective as a filmmaker. You can also expect to creative and/or deepen important relationships with industry professionals and storytellers.

The primary goals of this program are:

  1. To come together in nonrivalrous community for mutual accompaniment,
    curiosity, and exploration
  2. To ease, empower, and amplify your unique voice and creativity
  3. To provide the sort of feedback that helps projects get funding, reach completion, and be seen.
  4. To creatively overcome rivalry, scarcity, and be an ongoing community for one another

The Film Lab at Justice Film Festival

All filmmakers, students, industry, and press are welcome to join Film Lab events each year at JFF in NYC.

unRival Film Projects

Join or Die poster
We are pleased to announce the recipient of the first-ever unRival Award, "Join or Die"!​ The unRival Award is given annually at the Justice Film Festival to a film in any category which powerfully shows the beauty, difficulty, and value of pursuing justice and peace for all people through nonrivalrous and nonviolent ways of being.

Interested in joining another way?

Are you interested in being a mentor, an intern, a sponsor, or otherwise supporting the program? Or are you interested in being a participant while not yet ready to apply or set-up a free call? Share your email and we’ll get the conversation going.

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