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Building peaceful communities and just belonging, together.

The problem of violence lies in how we see the other and how we see ourselves. We often fail to see those who are different from us as fully human, as fragile as we ourselves are. Much less divides us from our enemies than we realize. Our rival often longs for dignity, secure belonging, and justpeace just as we do.

UnRival believes that non-rivalrous relationships embodied in communities result in ongoing, mutual transformation. These relationships begin with recognizing the rivalry that grows from our own insecurities, threatened identities, and craving for safety and certainty. Peacebuilding is the messy, demanding, and never complete work of acknowledging and working against our human tendency toward rivalry.

And so, together with you, we seek to build true connection and belonging.

The Frame

The Frame is a regularly dispatched communique from the unRival team, crafted to inform and encourage you about ongoing just peace efforts.
We curate the most urgent and incisive stories, news, and insights, and pack them into an easy-to-digest format. In The Frame, you'll hear directly from thought-leaders, journalists, our team, and most importantly from our growing global network of peacebuilders.