Peace is Possible:
A Free Resource

Peace is possible—and we want you along for the journey.

Together, we’re resisting rivalry to advance the cause of justice and peace in our time.

UnRival Network’s free resource, Peace is Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks to Positive Peace, is the culmination of three years of research and collaboration with leaders in peacebuilding around the globe.
In this guide, you will…
  • deepen your personal practice of nonviolent peace
  • understand the current state of peace in our world
  • learn about the importance of grassroots peacebuilding
  • explore creative solutions for deconstructing rivalry

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Our free downloadable resource, Peace is Possible, summarizes years of research into the state of peacebuilding. It makes the case that community leaders have an outsized effect on peacebuilding efforts. They greatly need your support. We offer examples of how you can apply their insights to transforming conflicts in your own life.

Too many definitions of peace focus on the absence or cessation of violence. Peace is Possible joins a growing chorus of voices who insist that peace is not the absence of violence, but something more positive. Peace means the attitudes, processes, and structures by which communities resist cycles of rivalry. We believe that the more we share this definition and goal, the more we can build positive peace together.