Short Film:
Artisans of Peace

The Artisans of Peace short film shows how simple acts of loving-kindness and creativity can bind a community to one another with dignity and beauty.

What does it mean to be creative? What does it mean to be a peacebuilder? What happens when these two concepts intertwine?

While the streets outside are consumed by turmoil, a painter works diligently in her studio. Anything but disconnected, she is deeply embedded within the tragedy that engulfs her community. With determined brush strokes, she seeks sense and solace for her neighbors.

Artisans of Peace is an exploration of creativity’s role in peacebuilding. It encourages viewers by challenging the boundaries of what we mean by “creativity.” Can a simple mural heal the wounds of conflict? Maybe not, but the gesture of reaching out, of fighting hate, and of permanently engraving loving kindness in our shared spaces can have profound effects.

This peacebuilder does not wait for a flash of inspiration. In the words of writer and director Billy Price, “She doesn’t lean out of her own skill set. She leans into it and offers it.” He elaborates that being an Artisan of Peace is about engaging your community artistically and creatively, through techniques, mediums, and practices that are uniquely your own. 

It’s about engaging the transformative power of creativity, even in the midst of struggle.


Writer, Director, Editor, VFX: William Price III
Producer: Christian Shultz
Associate Producer: Ricardo Bevncort
Director of Photography: John Paul Summers
1st AC/ Co-Editor and Sound Design: Chase Guidroz
Colorist: Wes Langdon
Swing Person: Shea Duplechain
Production Designer: Katalea Ford
Production Artist: Lexie Wilson
Key Grip: Tanner Short
Wardrobe Stylist: Ashton Leigh
Muralist: Isabelle LaFleur
Grieving Woman: Ix-Chel Sandivel
Cop: Spencer Crim
Neighbors: Brandon Kotfila, Mya Young, Skye Vega, Kevin Cheatham
Voiceover: Gina Raczkowski
Sound Design and Mix: Dave Mantel

Shot at Channel Vivid and on location in New Orleans, LA

Production Company: Lemieux.Company

True peace is a hopeful and creative endeavor. It is the result of communities built for belonging, collaboration & resilience.

Hold onto hope with us.

When we resist rivalry together, there is hope for peace.

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