Short Film:
The unRival Invitation

The short film "The unRival Invitation" undertakes a journey from the battle-ready beliefs common within us to the healing relief of true belonging in a community without rivals.

See with the eyes of someone waking up to the rivalrous systems that plunge his world into conflict. This narrative explores the path of isolation often experienced when rejecting the status quo of violence to foster a broader sense of community.

The journey is not easy. It’s about saying no to the familiar, braving the unknown, and pursuing an expanded understanding of humanity. “The unRival Invitation” challenges our ideas about justice, peace, and resilience, offering a nuanced and powerful vision of hope.

This film is for those ready to ask, “What can I do to help?” Join us on this compelling journey away from the logic of heroes and villains, into a world where the smallest acts can ignite the biggest transformations and bridge divides in a non-rivalrous community.


Written and Directed by William Price, III
Produced by More Media
Executive Producer: Stephen Buchanan
Production Coordinator: Jazmin Martinez
Director of Photography: Scott Simock
Colorist: Wes Langdon
Gaffer: Jean Carlos Falcon, Jason Janocko
Key Grip: Nick Weir
Production Designer: Reka Vivien
Art Director: Jon Coltrain
Stylist: @Stylismms
PA: Sam Abu
VFX: Shapes+Forms Sound
Design: Dave Mantel (Naal)
Soldier: Yavor Vess
Community Leader: Quanice
Jackson Community: Cigdem
Arslan, Quanice Jackson,
Dwayne Tarver, Skylar Swift
Kardon, @Aleximarietrail
Editor, Add’l VFX, VO: William Price III

In these spaces, through connection, creativity, and storytelling, we imagine and pursue better ways of being together that welcome all people into true belonging.

There is hope in these divided and difficult times.

The world's peace builders desperately need spaces of trust, curiosity, and collaboration. Meet the need by supporting gatherings that nurture hope and inspire creative solutions to the world's toughest problems.

Join us to transform communities plagued by violence and rivalry.