The unRival Film Premiere Event

Two short films celebrating creative peacebuilders, and a panel about the need for hope and artistry to live in violent times.

UnRival accompanies peacebuilders to nurture hope, inspire collaboration, and overcome destructive rivalries.

Everyone can agree that we live in divided and difficult times, even while we all long for peace, so why can’t we figure out how to work together?

This is what unRival is all about: Finding people, like you, who see friends where others see enemies—bringing a community together—nurturing hope and inspiring collaboration.

On October 26, 2022, we hosted an online event where we shared two short films and discussed the necessity of hope and artistry to live peacefully in increasingly violent times. We’re so grateful to everyone who attended and supported, and we’re happy to share the films again here, along with a recording of the event!

Part 1 
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Film: The unRival Invitation

The first film, unRival Invitation, undertakes a journey from the battle-ready beliefs common within us to the healing relief of true belonging in a community without rivals.

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Part 2
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Film: Artisans of Peace

The second film, Artisans of Peace, shows how simple acts of loving-kindness and creativity can bind a community to one another with dignity and beauty. Visit our Artisans of Peace Program page to learn more about the work we’re doing with creative peacebuilders like these.

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Part 3
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Thank you for attending!

As unRival has grown over the last two years, we’ve been moved by daily support, the deeply generous engagement of peacebuilders, and regular invitations to collaborate. We were honored to extend this invitation to others, as the unRival story begins a new and hopeful chapter.

Hold onto hope with us.

When we resist rivalry together, there is hope for peace.

By contributing as little as $25, you join us in supporting peacebuilders who are bringing creative solutions to the world’s toughest problems. Your donation funds leadership formation programs, research, and resources for those resisting rivalry with you.